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Segment of Foreword by

Proptess Kelly Crews 

     od has truly spoken through Victoria Scott to release a collection of timeless wisdom that will propel you to think, act, speak and live in a whole new way.  In a world of constant change, chaos and challenge, people need a word that will give them hope and encouragement.  They need a place to anchor themselves and re-gain their footing.  Many people are so frustrated in their vision and purpose that they don’t realize the enemy’s true plan is to distract, infiltrate and destroy.

She assists in the opening of your eyes, heart, mind and spirit to get you back in position to be synchronized with God’s power. God’s power and your purpose is a winning combination that cannot be refuted! God’s DNA is already engrafted in you and you are created to produce.  While His thoughts and ways are higher than ours, He still allows us access to the exceeding, abundant place that is assigned to our purpose and passion.  He is your Father and is concerned about your Kingdom success. Victoria Scott allows us to know beyond any doubt that God is ready to match and upgrade our investment in His purpose, for our lives. This is not just a must-read, it is a lifetime investment!

(Kelly Crews Ministries)


What Others Are Saying About This:

"The Joseph Anointing" by Victoria Chapoloko Scott - I just finished reading or rather studying this book. I have always been fascinated by Joseph in the Bible - but this was such an eye-opener! My lids have been lifted... We all have a God-given dream. May it not be diminished or quenshed by the nay-sayers or by the circumstances in our lives such as the pit. May we experience all the lessons the prison has to teach us and allow God to work on the Reuben and Simeon and Naphtali in our lives. So that in the end our dream will be fulfilled and shine God's glory on this earth. If you want to know what I am ranting on about PLEASE get a copy of this book. 

Vanessa Njungu Moono (Ndola, Zambia)

"OMG honey, I am in awe of what God is doing through you. I got my copy of the Joseph Anointing last week on Amazon and I am utterly blessed and inspired. Thank you for being such a vessel of noble use in the building God's kingdom. Love you so much."
Monica Waya (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I'm so excited that my autographed copy came in the mail today. I'm getting ready to fix me a cup of tea and start reading... If you haven't purchased your copy yet what are you waiting for?

Maureen Allen (Pottstown, PA)

So excited...I got my copy of the Joseph anointing...this is going to be an awesome read I can feel it....holla at me and get your copy as well....this is stuff that destinies are made of...process of becoming....

Mthadanzo Masango (Lusaka, Zambia)

It is here!!!!! I am so excited!! For those of you that attended the Woman's Ministry in Pittsburgh and had the pleasure of seeing Minister Victoria Chapoloko Scott speak, you know how amazing and anointed she is. She has just released her first book "The Joseph Annointing", and I cannot wait to find some time to relax and read. Thank you Victoria, for the beautiful words that you included in my copy, signed by you. It means more to me than words can say! Love you! You have been such a blessing in my life!  The cover of your book is absolutely stunning! Looking forward to diving in :-).

If anyone would like a copy, they are available on Amazon, or message me, and I can share her website info.

Barb Pulgar (WV, USA)

Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Yay, I got my book today!!! I'm excited to read it all. So proud of you Victoria Chapoloko Scott.

Minister April Little (Texas, USA)

Hi, Aunt Victoria. I apologize for the months of silence. However; I wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book some time in Sept. or early Oct.
Wow, is all I have to say. I got this book to support you, but God really used it to touch, heal, and set me on a journey of deliverance.

I have literally recommended this book to everyone and their mother (my family included). Because of your book, I thanked God for the difficulties in my life for probably the first time ever; but, certainly not the last.
Things are still not easy, but please know that your book was key in seeing me through the months before and during the height of my work trouble and my healing journey.

You truly are anointed. It's not often that you meet someone who can minister the way you do. I literally found myself highlighting every other sentence in your book.
Keep blessing people and thank you again Aunt Victoria. Thank you for listening to me, for ministering to me, and for helping me unlock a major life key. I am free in Jesus's name and harnessing the power of my Joseph anointing.

Much love,

S.S. Maryland, US.

Oh my goodness I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!!! I finally have this long awaited book in my hands. Can't wait to jump in my bed and read it! Victoria Chapoloko Scott I'm super proud of you I'm getting teary. 

Pastor Cheswa Nyirongo, MD, USA

"WOG, this comes as no surprise that there is an anointing on your book!! As I sit here reading on my lunch break, Holy Spirit is correcting me!! I love it! Just wanted to share." 

Minister Isabelle Clark (Bridgeville, PA, USA)

I tripped over this box on my way! It's here. My sister's book is here!!! I'm glad it doesn't have a lot of pages lol :-D good for light Summer reading.📚 Message me for your very own copy. Beyond proud Victoria 👊

Veronica Chapoloko (Beaver Falls, PA, USA)

Prophet Victoria Scott

Stay tuned for the devotional/journal coming soon.....

Growing Internationally


Coming to Zambia and other countries in 2017, The Transformation tour will be used to usher many into their destiny and live an abundant life of power, love and sound mindedness.  

This is the hour for the supernatural to be seen in the lives of believers. Where God takes the water-less pits, dungeons, and tainted coats of life's journey and turns them into miraculous  life-giving testimonies. 



We had the awesome privilege to share hundreds of copies with the Zambian community this past summer and sold out almost immediately.


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