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I'm thrilled to have you join this session. Here we study how the Gregorian calendar (January to December) correlates in conjunction with the secrets of the Lord's Civil calendar (September/October to September/October). Registration is under the Head of The Year title.


This year has dynamic richness serenading each day, we can't afford to miss what the Lord is saying. It has been established as the beginning of greater. So Good Year to you.


Please fill out the information below as directed. The cost is $25 per person; this includes the session registration and the link to join the zoom live. An additional $5 is requested for a copy of the recording, (provided after meeting, this is OPTIONAL).


Sessions will be held via Zoom. Thank you in advance for tuning in. Please note, the zoom link will only be sent once the payment is received. 

(Contact Apostle Victoria for other forms of payment - or 470-219-4439)

Instructions: click the link below and choose "Head of The Year" ($25). I look forward to connecting with you.



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