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I. See. YOU.

Much like an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) found in any full service medical treatment facility, the "I.See.You" is a special department that provides more in-depth treatment.  for individuals needing constant monitoring and support from a trusted, well-equipped, highly qualified, professional coaching staff to address and overcome severe, life threatening and deeply rooted issues/injuries. Life altering conditions such as multi-organ failure, trauma, and shock are examples of conditions that warrant such intense treatment to nurse patients back to health.


It is Coach Victoria Scott's personal mission to coach each and every client back to wholeness! Whether you are suffer from low self esteem, have a distorted self-image, feeling overwhelmed and are unable to pin point the root of an issue, having a midlife crisis, are feeling abandoned and unloved, or all of the above...know that you are never alone and that God says, "I SEE YOU!" You do not need to have all the answers, just the will to take the tools handed to you, to heart! If you need help and accountability, equipment and empowerment to take back your life, then "I.SEE.YOU"was created for YOU!

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Unmasking the real you!
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