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PENTECOST - The Cultural Barrier Breaker.

Isn't it something that one of the first miracles, one of the first signs that accompanied Holy Spirit was tongues; and they were heard as different LANGUAGES by many outside of the upper room, in the street?!?!?!?

Holy Spirit shows up and he transcends cultural barriers INSTANTANEOUSLY. Language is the vocal expression of a culture. A crash course of a society's cultural encyclopedia. To embrace one's language and flow in it, speaks great volumes of honor and respect. The gift of tongues is not charismatic, it's kingdom. One's tongue being in surrender to Holy Spirit's words. An internal mental repositioning, that declares "Lord even my speech is yours."*

God invited them to the kingdom by ACKNOWLEDGING THEM. Church of the Living God, we've got to lead the way in racial and cultural reconciliation. We lead, because Holy Spirit leads us. And birth INSTANTANEOUS change. #Suddenly #pentecost2020 #hiswayisfaster #instantly #greatvictory #eraofthesuddenlies #racialreconciliation

*[Not an invitation to bash tongues, or suggest that I'm suggesting that efforts to fight racial injustice are ineffective]

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