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Titus Mothers / Proverbs 31 Women (TMP31)

Healthy Morning
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Queen Esther was offered half of the Persian Empire because she cooked her husband two amazing meals
First Dance
Palm Trees
Business Executive
Gym Workout

As women we have a million and one things to juggle on a daily basis. From our relationships, careers, ministry, health, and various callings, each require excellent stewardship and energy. With the goal to mirror the poise and grace of the Proverbs 31 woman who to many has become an intimidation instead of the inspiration that she is.


In the book of Titus, Paul encouraged the fathers to train the younger men and mothers the younger women on how to do LIFE.


Through my mentoring program, TMP31, I'm honored to provide an avenue for women to be nurtured into the virtuous daughters God created them to be. For more information please fill in the form or resgister today. Classes are offered for groups or on one-on-one basis as 1-3 month courses. Registration fee is $25 and the total course fee is $125.00.




Also watch this page where I will share inspirational tips and ideas on being a TMP31 woman of God.  BE the woman who accomplishes all that God has for her.. 

TMP31 TIP of the Day:


She is a woman who works with a purpose on purpose. She lives a life driven by destiny and structured by the fear of the Lord. Knowing that she has to give an account to her Maker, she makes each day grounded in fruitfulness so the works of her hands SPEAK on her behalf. 

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