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Establishing Leaders & Leading The Established


"This organization exists to serve leaders in the area of establishment. The mindset of true leadership is what creates and enhances this. My job is to provide necessary tools and insights that equip leaders with establishing power. Deborah's Sword's inception is within itself a miraculous one; what God did for Solomon in his night-time dream concerning wisdom and riches pioneered the way for other aspirations, including this one, to be birthed in like manner.  

As a Leader I understand how important it is to have safe havens that allow judgement-free zones for personal development, practical direction, mentor-ship, vulnerability, direction, iron-building relationships, healing, therapy and counseling. These are things we need as leaders too. As I grow and excel, I impart and share. I look forward to having you benefit from this ministry in one way or another. It may be one encounter, for a short season, or a long-term relationship, whichever way I am so honored D.S's finger print touched your life."

- Dr Victoria Scott, A Leader to Leaders. 

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Next Steps!!!!!

Consider a free consultation with me to see how Deborah's Sword will help you. My experience in this line of work, guarantees that I may be of some service in the expansion of your ministry or organization. Operating as a licensed Executive Life Coach I have found coaching and expertise to effectively work hand in hand in helping Leaders. Introducing BRAND NEW YOU COACHING & CONSULTING. Through here I work with you as a certified and licensed coaching professional. 

Life Coaching is a powerful way of taking Biblical principles and applying them as practical steps to transformation in short period of time. Sessions being shorter make it more impacting than therapy or counseling sessions (which are excellent but tend to be done over long periods of time). Coaching creates independent leaders who don't rely on their CEO or Pastor for every single move; but rather become internal and external agents of change and excellence while observing the vision and mission of the organization. Other services I offer are: Church Planting and Growth (Includes Accounting, Admin Support, Diversity etc.), Leadership Training, Team building, Group Mentoring, Web Design, Book Writing 101 packages, and much more. Below are options based on your requirements as an individual, for a group or your organization. Or, CLICK HERE to request a free consultation or have further inquiries. Thank you. I look forward to working with and for you. 

Therapy Session


Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting services that cater to an individual.


$50 - $1500



Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting services that cater to groups of 10 to 20. 


$25 - $1000

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Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting services that cater to organizations.



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