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DREAMS: Vehicles of God's messages.

Our dreams are vehicles God uses to communicate information to us about things to come or things currently happening. Very rarely do they deal with things past (unless explaining a past issue and bringing closure to it); they are always current or future based.

Disclaimer right off the bat: it's important to always use discernment and the leading of Holy Spirit when interpreting dreams. Not all dreams are from the Lord. Some are from the enemy, your thoughts or the pizza you ate way too late the night before. 🤣.

Dreams give insight on how to pray, how the Lord wants to bless you, how the enemy plans to attack you, promises that are coming and the perfect prophetic ministry of Jesus. Colors, numbers, sounds, light, weather, animals, modes of transportation, buildings, people, locations, and food all have meaning and are very symbolic in dreams.

Dreams go with sleep. Sleep is valuable. The ingenious design of it could have only been engineered by Elohim himself. In deep sleep he made Adam a fitting helpmate, Eve. In deep sleep he granted Solomon great wisdom and wealth. In deep sleep he instructed Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt for safety from Herod.

I pray sweet sleep over your life today. Sleep accompanied with amazing dreams. Dreams from the Lord that give wisdom, wealth, direction, strategy, insight, warning, rebuke, and so much more that builds you. Blessings.

[A good set of resources on interpreting dreams is Barbie Brethitt. She has excellent reads on the meaning of colors, to people, to buildings, you name it.]

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2020

Thank I for the insight. I just love u woman of God and admire u.

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